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Camps of Hope

The Camps of Hope program pays the camp registration fees for families in need. TCF strives to give all children and youth the opportunity to experience the fun of being a child and not be excluded from the activities their friends are enjoying.


Camps of Hope provides the experience of going to camp, to those who may otherwise not get an opportunity  .Camp can be an enriching experience and for some, their first chance to venture outside their neighborhoods. For others, it is an exciting opportunity for exploration and growth.  Attending camp provides an opportunity to develop social skills, self-esteem, self-confidence, independence, and leadership skills. Camp can provide an escape from the ordinary - where children can learn new interests, break away from technology and make new friends. The mental health benefits of attending camp can be remarkable, creating positive, fun memories that will last a lifetime.

Camps of Hope is available throughout the year, during March break, the summer, and winter breaks.

Eligibility for Camps of Hope?

Funding Details

Loyalist College Summer Camps for Kids
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