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Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency Supports Charity

It is estimated that over $2 Billion in foreign currency is currently stored or saved in Canadian homes and businesses. This currency has no use or real value in Canada. As a result, foreign currency (notes and coins), pennies, and loose change are found in bags, boxes, envelopes, teacups, jars and desk drawers.  Aside from sentimental value, this leftover currency has little to no value.   


Did you know?


Currency from travels and vacations can be donated to support The Children’s Foundation programs and through a partnership with Global Coin Solutions.  Donations of currency are repatriated to countries all around the world and after being converted to Canadian dollars, donations are then used to support underprivileged children and youth through TCF programs.

​In Hastings, Northumberland and Prince Edward County, there is an estimated $15 Million in foreign currency available for collection. Just imagine how this could impact children and youth in our community!

What we accept

The Currency for Kids program accepts all currency from anywhere in the world.  Through this program metal (from coins) and paper (from bank notes) is recycled, monetized and then used to support children using TCF programs.  It’s a win-win-win for the donor, the children supported and the environment.


How to Donate


Donations can be mailed or dropped off to any The Children’s Foundation office.   Given that the currency has no value at this time, there is no risk in mailing your donation.   Monetary value is only realized after it is repatriated. For larger quantities, TCF staff would be happy to pick up.

Drop Off Address


Opening Hours

363 Dundas St. W

Belleville ON

K8P 1B3


Mon - Fri

Sat - Sun

8:30 am – 4:40 pm


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