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Strive to Thrive

Good mental health is key to the healthy development and well-being of every child.


Children with good mental health can feel, think, and act in ways that help them enjoy life and cope with its challenges.


Many factors can play a part in a child’s well-being and their ability to cope with stress - from family, home, and school environments, their physical health, and even relationships with others. Strive to Thrive focuses on mental health and therapy programs that help vulnerable children and youth navigate the difficult situations in life.


Through funding for supportive programming as well as personal care packages for youth living on their own, Strive to Thrive is available for children or youth needing a little extra help.


Financial assistance is available for a wide range of therapeutic, activities including but not limited to:
•    Equine Therapy
•    Sensory Play Programs
•    Art Therapy
•    Autism-focused Programming
•    Therapy and Counseling Services

Personal Care Kits with hygiene and comfort items and household necessities

and more…

Eligibility for Strive to Thrive?

How to access your CCB Proof of Income

Funding Details

Complete the Application online here.

Personal Care Kits


Strive to Thrive offers care kits for youth who may be living on their own for the first time and may need a little extra support. Kits contain a variety of supplies such as hygiene, school supplies, housewares, resource booklet and pantry items when available.  Please contact to request a care kit.

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