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The Children’s Foundation
Give Every Month (GEM) 

The Children’s Foundation Give Every Month (G.E.M.S.) club is an incredible community of generous, passionate, and committed donors on a mission to enrich the lives of children and youth who need support to reach their full potential.


Make your recurring gift now and help shape the lives of children and youth in our communities by providing them with opportunities to learn, play and explore all things possible.

Giving Monthly Makes the Biggest Impact. 

Provides immediate and reliable funding so that The Children’s Foundation can respond , in real-time, to requests for support for children needing financial help to participate in enriching programs.

Ensures ongoing stability of TCF programs.  In many cases, support is needed through several phases of adolescence.  Your recurring gift sustains TCF programs that address the needs of infants through to youth heading off to post-secondary school.

Allows more of every dollar to support the kids.  Monthly donations incur fewer administration costs to get to us.  Most of your gift goes directly to giving children and youth life-changing experiences.

Two people in graduation gowns


Pays the rental fee for a cap and gown so every student can attend the ceremony and feel proud of their accomplishment

Girl Painter


Allows a child to enroll in an art therapy program that will give them tools to manage the challenges they are facing

Baseball Team


Pays the registration fees for a child with a disability to play in a summer baseball league with their friends

Children Kayaking on River


Sends a child to camp, giving them days full of adventure, exploration and creativity while making new friends and memories of a lifetime

First Aid for a broken arm


Pays for a youth to enroll in First Aid/CPR training to enhance their resume for summer employment

Kids Riding Horses


Provides therapeutic horseback riding to a child in need that supports their physical and mental health

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