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Reach for

Empowering Youth Through Education


Youth finishing their education is often the key to changing the trajectory of their future. Ultimately education is proven to be one of the most critical social determinants of health.  People with higher levels of education have better access to healthy physical environments, they tend to smoke less, be more physically active, and have access to healthier foods. In many cases, education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty.


The Children’s Foundation Reach for Success program creates equitable opportunity for youth to pursue post-secondary education and achieve their goals by removing the financial barrier that is often prohibitive.

What is the difference between a Scholarship and Bursary?


Scholarship – Financial support given to a student to offset the cost of tuition.  Payments are issued directly to the institution and typically awarded based on community involvement, volunteerism and academic achievement.  Amounts range from $2500/yr and up – depending on funding available.  


Bursary – Financial support given to a student to offset the cost of textbooks, school supplies, rent, groceries and other living expenses. Payments are made directly to the student and typically awarded based on financial need.  Amounts range from $2000/yr and up, depending on funding available. 


Students may apply to The Children’s Foundation for both a scholarship and a bursary.

If awarded, payments are made twice per academic year.


Who can apply?


Any youth entering post-secondary education or returning student, who has been affected by hardship or financial need who live in Hastings, Northumberland or Prince Edward County.


  • Under 26 years of age at the start of their current school program, or under 30 years of age if you have received a scholarship or bursary funding from The Children’s Foundation for the same program in previous years

  • Registered or planning to attend school full time for a full academic year at an accredited post-secondary school

  • Reside in Hastings, Northumberland, or Prince Edward County (before attending school, and/or when not attending school)

  • Affected by low income and/or hardship.

  • Enrollment proof needs to be submitted by the 15th of the preceding month before the student's term begins.


How to apply 

​1. Print the Scholarship/Bursary Reference Form PDF and have it completed by someone that knows you.

2. Gather all required documents (Pre-Application Checklist below)

3. Complete the online application(s) and submit. You may apply for both a scholarship and bursary, but separate applications are required.


*Incomplete applications will not be considered*

Awards are paid twice a year.​

HSCA Youth Awards

A little encouragement goes a long way...

Youth awards are provided to children who have been impacted by family hardships and overcome barriers to achieve their personal and academic goals.  HSCA workers acknowledge their achievements through nominations in one of six categories (Arts & Culture, Sports, Academics, Kindness, Leadership and Personal Best).  During the Reach for Success Awards night in June, award winners are celebrated, supported and encouraged to stay in school and keep working hard.

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