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Keep Baby

The relationship between unsafe sleeping practices and unexplained infant deaths has become clear, so much so that Health Canada has issued new guidelines and resources to promote the safest way for infants to sleep. Highland Shores Children’s Aid has an increased focus on safe-sleeping practices and strongly believes in the preventative nature of programs like the Keep Baby Safe Program. Just as we would no longer transport children in a car without car seats and seatbelts, or allow our children to bike without helmets, we need to ensure that when children are put to bed at night they are not at risk.

​Just as many of the families that we work with cannot afford recreational opportunities for their kids, neither can they afford the costs of cribs and crib mattresses for their infants. As a result, babies sleep on couches, adult beds, or in other inappropriate and unsafe sleeping arrangements.

Hence, the Children's Foundation recognizes the significance of providing essential baby items to low-income households, and we want to assist you in creating a safe and nurturing environment for your child.

We provide a range of crucial items that are vital for your child's well-being. Whether you require versatile grow-with-the-child cribs that adapt as your little one grows, to reliable cribs and mattresses that ensure a restful sleep, and car seats to keep your precious cargo safe on the road, TCF and our Partners are committed to making these resources accessible to you.

Click the link below to apply for our Keep Baby Safe program today. Our mission is to ensure that no child is deprived of the necessary items for their growth and safety.

This is what we offer:​

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