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Community Grants

Working Together to Advance the Work That We Do


The Children's Foundation is committed to positively impacting children's lives by collaborating with other community programs that engage, inspire, motivate, and mentor children and youth to help them realize their full potential.

When available, the call for proposals will be made for requests of support of suitable programs.  This opportunity will be promoted through media which may include print, radio and social.

Funding Priorities

The Children's Foundation is especially keen on supporting inventive and imaginative programs that will enhance and enrich the lives of young people.   To be considered for funding, your proposal should address one or more of the following funding priorities:


  • Creating a safer, healthier future for all children and youth.  Examples may include programs designed to help build healthy relationships, mental health strategies or social media education.  Topics such as cyberbullying, online privacy, digital footprints, and social media addiction are all encouraged.   Programs should be designed to be engaging, educate and inspire youth to take action in ways that will enhance their future.

  • Enhancing child development.  Projects that promote healthy development and well-being for children and youth.  This may include recreational opportunities, educational initiatives, or a new, unique activity that is fun and engaging.

  • Enhancing parenting capacity - There is strong interest in projects that focus on building capacity in young parents. Programs that will enhance parent-child attachment by providing the resources and education needed to build strong, positive relationships. 


Eligible Organizations

Highland Shores Children's Aid and community-based charitable organizations located in Hastings, Northumberland, and Prince Edward Counties.


What types of programs are eligible?

Funding is available to support a wide range of activities, including direct service and public education. We welcome applications that focus on initiatives that promote healthy development and well-being for children and youth in our community.


What types of programs are not eligible?

The Foundation will not consider grants to for-profit organizations, or government organizations. In addition, funding is not available for mandated child welfare services, activities that fall outside of TCF's mandate or could reasonably be included in an organization's core funding, conferences, endowment funds, raffles, sponsorships, deficit financing, automobiles, building funds, activities that have already occurred, or activities that could be deemed discriminatory.


How decisions are made

The following criteria are used to guide the decision-making process:


1.  Strong fit with The Children's Foundation’s Mission Statement, Vision, and Funding Priorities.

TCF is interested in funding projects that engage children or youth in a fun and positive way, enhance practical skills or knowledge, or establish achievable goals to create a more rewarding life.


2.  Capacity of the applicant

TCF looks for the history and ability to develop and implement the project or program, manage any grant funds, and provide resources (financial and/or in-kind resources) to the activity. We also consider the history of partnering and collaboration with the Highland Shores Children's Aid and other organizations.


3.  Target Population

TCF is interested in activities that support and strengthen HSCA families, families that are affected by low income, and children that may be disadvantaged or at risk of hardship.


4.  The Activity

TCF considers the need for your proposed activity and its potential impact on the community.  Priority will be given to programs that are filling gaps in service and providing new or increased opportunities for youth enrichment and development.


5.  Evaluation

TCFs look for clearly stated goals (what you plan to accomplish) that are specific, measurable, and attainable. An evaluation plan, commensurate with the size and scope of the proposed activity is required. 


6.  Funding

The applicant’s need for TCF funding, the ability to leverage other funds (for example opportunities to co-fund, significant in-kind resources), and the plan to sustain the activity beyond any Foundation funding are considered. Organizations with their own fundraising foundation or fundraising department are given a low priority for funding.


7.  Organization Size

In addition to Highland Scores Children's Aid, the priority is funding smaller community-based organizations.


Review process


All proposals are screened, and those that meet the basic eligibility criteria are reviewed in depth by the Programs and Services Committee. A member of the Programs and Services Committee may call your designated contact person to clarify information presented in your proposal and may ask for further information. The Committee will meet to discuss all eligible proposals and agree to a slate of grant recommendations which are then presented to the Board of Directors of The Children's Foundation for consideration.


If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please contact Donna Wood, Programs and Outreach Coordinator for an application.


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