Helping Hands

The Helping Hands Prenatal Program is a non-profit, prenatal program. It offers free prenatal support to mothers who are in need. This support includes but is not limited to, transportation, a listening ear, prenatal education, and connection to resources. It is a voluntary program that is uniquely tailored to the individual needs of the expectant mom.

A mom in need of support may require help connecting to resources, have minimal support people, or may be involved with or at risk of involvement with Highland Shores Children’s Aid. The program makes it possible to work with a mom’s existing support network and increase the mother’s access to support and provide education on how to access new supports.

In addition to prenatal support, the program also offers 6 to 8 weeks of post-partum support to ensure that bonding and feeding are going well. During this time, Helping Hands can help connect to additional supports and resources as needed.

Helping Hands Prenatal Program takes referrals from individuals, community agencies, medical offices, and family members. A mother’s involvement with this program is voluntary, confidential, and free. To refer to this program, please fill out the referral form below and submit it or print the PDF form and fax it to 613-966-3868 to the attention of the Helping Hands Prenatal Program; or call 613-966-7114.

For more information call 613-966-7114 or email

How can Families Apply?

  • Fill out the form below and submit

  • Print a PDF form below and send a photo or scan it to

  • Pick up a form at any of The Children’s Foundation or HSCA locations

  • Telephone– 613-966-7114

  • Email- requesting a form