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McHappy Day will put a smile on kids faces!

It was a very McHappy day! The sun was shining, fun was in the air and smiles were on faces as the community joined together to celebrate McHappy Day on May 11th.

Thanks to the generosity from our community over $20,000 was raised at our local McDonalds restauraunts to help support at risk children in our community!

That means that over 75 kids will get to explore learn and play through our Camps of Hope program. Without the support of McDonalds and our very generous community, this camp would not be an option for these children.

The kindness in our community is never anything shy of remarkable and truly helps make a huge difference in the lives of so many children!

Kim Henry, Executive Director of The Children’s Foundation commented “I am overwhelmed with joy. It is truly incredible to witness the kindness and warm hearts that is among our community. Without the support of our community, we wouldn’t be able to help make such a positive impact on so many children’s lives. I want to thank everyone involved that helped make McHappy day such a success. I continue to wear my McSmile today!”

This day would not have been so amazing without the help from generous patrons, our local McDonald’s owners, the McDonald’s staff and our volunteers.

On behalf of The Children’s Foundation board of directors, staff and the children we help, we want to say thank you for making this McHappy day such a wonderful success!

Please visit our website to learn more about how to apply for funding to send your child to camp through our Camps of Hope program.


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